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Flor 24k Gold: The Golden Strain that Delights with Flavor

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The 24k Gold flower , affectionately nicknamed "Kosher Tangie", is a genetic that stands out for its shiny appearance and flavor that captivates palates. Developed from the crossing of two renowned strains, this strain is a true jewel in the world of cannabis.

Uncovering the Characteristics of the 24k Gold flower

24k Gold is a hybrid genetics with a slight Indica predominance (60% Indica / 40% Sativa), which provides relaxing effects typical of Indicas. Its captivating name lives up to its golden hue, similar to 24-karat gold, which attracts eyes and hearts. Its flowers are long and resemble peppers, adding a touch of beauty to its profile.

However, beauty is not all this strain offers. Its sweet aroma is reminiscent of tangy tangerines with a subtle hint of pine and musk. The flavor is citrusy and invigorating, surprising palates around the world.

Exploring the Effects of the 24k Gold Flower

The 24k Gold flower is the perfect choice for those seeking relaxation and a peaceful state of mind. Being an Indica, it triggers feelings of contentment, euphoria and calm, making it ideal for moments of relaxation. Unlike some strains that knock users off their feet, 24k Gold is gentle in its approach, providing relaxation without overdoing it.

Due to its high THC levels and cerebral effects, this strain is not recommended for beginners. So if you're just starting out, be mindful of the dosage. It is essential to remember that the effects of cannabis vary from person to person due to the individuality of the endocannabinoid system.

The Medicinal Benefits of 24k Gold

24k Gold contains significant levels of cannabinoids that give it analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. These characteristics make it an effective option for treating chronic pain, fatigue, inflammation and psychiatric disorders, such as stress, anxiety and depression. In more concentrated formulations, this strain can also be an ally against insomnia.

Cultivating the 24k Gold Flower

This tall plant offers above-average yields, making it a favorite among growers. With an average production of 450 to 550 gr/m², the 24k Gold flower is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Experts tend to prefer indoor cultivation to maintain control and proximity to the plant. The flowering period varies from 9 to 10 weeks, resulting in generous, resinous harvests.

24k Gold is truly a strain that shines in every way. From its stunning appearance to its relaxing effects, it has won the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts around the world. Try this jewel of cannabis genetics and let yourself be enchanted by its golden charms.

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