Colombian Gold: The History and Flavor of Colombinha

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In Brazil, cannabis consumers may be more accustomed to the famous "pressed," but that doesn't stop high-quality varieties, like Colombian Gold, from gaining prominence and winning over many enthusiasts. Especially in the Southeast region, Colombinha has become a real sensation, even if it is not always of guaranteed origin and as beautiful as it should be. However, the cost-benefit is generally worth it, as it offers superior quality compared to pressed.

But what makes Colombian Gold so appreciated and popular in Brazil? What is the origin of this strain that won Brazilian hearts? Is it because of its flavor closer to the tastiest varieties, its connection with the famous Skunk, its potency or simply the chance to try something different from the traditional Paraguayan pressed? Let's investigate and discover everything about the famous Colombinha.

The History of Colombian Gold

As the name suggests, Colombinha is a strain originating from Colombia. It is cultivated in the mountains of Santa Marta, a Caribbean paradise where this plant was developed in the 60s, becoming one of the most sought after varieties in Latin America. Although many people think that Colombinha is new, in fact, it is an old genetic that circulated around the world before conquering Brazilians again.

However, what really made Colombinha famous was its connection with Skunk #1. Many people mistakenly believe that these two genetics are the same thing, but in reality, Colombinha is practically the progenitor of Skunk, which has become a global reference in its own right.

The Features of Colombian Gold

Colombinha is a predominantly Sativa strain, known for producing denser and sometimes slightly dry flowers. It usually has dark green, almost brown buds. In addition to providing an active cerebral effect, Colombinha is famous for its striking flavor, often with touches of lemon, which makes it even more special in a country known for its caipirinha.

Colombian Gold in Brazil

As mentioned previously, Colombian Gold is one of the most consumed strains in Brazil and often serves as a gateway for many users accustomed to pressing only. It is usually the first flower that many Brazilian stoners have the opportunity to try. This is because Colombinha has become a famous genetic and is therefore easily found. However, the quality is not always the same due to the ban, which can result in inadequate drying, curing and storage, damaging the quality of the flowers.

Despite this, smoking Colombinha or using it in cannabis dishes is certainly better than pressed. However, instead of purchasing, the best option is to grow your own Colombian plant.

Cultivating Colombinha

One of the best ways to ensure continued access to Colombinha is to grow it yourself. Finding seeds of this variety is not that difficult, and it can be grown both indoors and outdoors, as it has extremely resistant and robust genetics. Flowering usually takes 9 to 10 weeks until harvest, and the THC content can reach up to 20% when grown properly.

If you want to experience Colombinha in its most authentic, high-quality form, the safest option is to grow your own plants. There are feminized seeds available of this variety, and seed banks such as Compra Seeds offer this option for those who want to grow Colombinha at home.

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