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Germination and Cloning Cell - JIFFY - 4.2 x 4.3 cm

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Product Type: Germination Cell
Tags: Acessórios , célula de germinação , Equipamento , jiffy , substratos
Weight: 0.01 kg
Vendor: Jiffy

A Jiffy Cell is comprised of a fine network of plant matter filled with high-quality substrate (premium sphagnum peat) and then compressed to form an affordable pellet. The fine mesh ensures air/water exchange between the roots.

- Reliable and fast germination for healthy plants with strong root systems, clean and convenient planting;

- NPK-free inert substrate;

- After hydrated in water, the cell grows up to 5 times its size.

Size (hydrated): 4.2 cm diameter x 4.2 cm height

 How it works:

1 - Prepare a bowl with water;

2 - Immerse the cells in water;

3 – After 20 minutes remove the cells;

4 – Ready – Just place the seeds (germinated or not) and/or cuttings (clones).

Note: When transplanting, you do not need to remove the net, as it is made of plant matter.

Jiffy Cell