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Highpro Garden Reflector - PearlPro

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Product Type: Reflector
Tags: Garden HighPro , iluminação , refletor
Weight: 5.0 kg
Vendor: Garden Highpro

The Garden High Pro Pearl Pro Reflector has a high performance in terms of increased light emission (+5.1%) than other conventional reflectors. With the same power consumption, it provides a higher light output over the area of ​​interest. PearlPro simply has greater effectiveness. The same energy input gets better results.

It produces better light distribution (+10%) than a conventional reflector. Reduces the size of active spots and distributes light more evenly. Thanks to its greater distribution and light intensity, PearlPro has better area coverage. Consequently, harvest uniformity will also be greater, providing and increasing the expected yield.

Use and applications: Product to be used inside greenhouses for better light distribution, for lamps with E40 fitting.

Pearl TecnologY aluminum technology
Prime Aluminum
Lamp Adapter: E-40
Natural heat extraction
Secure connection box
Adapted to 400w to 600w HPS lamps

Do not look directly at light without protective glasses. DANGER OF PERMANENT EYE DAMAGE!!!