Boveda Humidity Controller 62%

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Product Type: Humidity Controller
Tags: boveda , Controlador de Umidade Boveda
Vendor: Boveda

The Boveda 62% Humidity Controller maintains the humidity inside your humidor/container for food, medicinal herbs, plants, seeds, rolling tobacco, pipe tobacco, for about 3 months, without the need to add water and without any type of maintenance. Use Boveda and rest assured! Prevents mold and mildew inside the humidor/container. Simple and practical to use, it does not require maintenance or handling and can be placed anywhere inside the humidor/container, including against products. Helps preserve natural oils and sugars from medicinal herbs, tobacco, foods, etc...).

The shelf life of any Boveda depends on how difficult it is for it to get rid of its mixture to keep the environment humidified, that is, it will depend on the size of the humidor/container and the amount of product. It must be replaced whenever the internal gel hardens. Composed of a saturated solution of pure water, natural salt and thickener, inside a permeable membrane. Suitable for containers with good sealing.

How to use:
- Remove the Boveda from the cellophane;
- Place the Boveda sachets next to the product to be preserved;
- Close the humidor/container and the humidity will stabilize within 48 hours;
- Replace Boveda sachets every 60/90 days.
- Use 1 sachet for every 28g of product

Note: Depending on the container where Boveda is used, relative humidity may vary 5 points up or down.
- Dry fruits
- Seasonings and herbs
- Medicinal herbs
- Plants
- Seeds
- Pipe tobacco
- Smokes for rolling