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Garden HighPro Protective Glasses - OptiPro

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Product Type: Accessories
Tags: Acessórios , Garden HighPro
Weight: 200.0 kg
Vendor: Garden Highpro

Garden HighPro Goggles - Optipro HPS and LED

Product developed to protect eyes when cultivating intense artificial lights and for safe work with handling fertilizers, pH regulators, etc. Potentially toxic and irritating to eyes.

The Owslen Optical Safety and Protection Glasses, developed especially to protect those who cultivate with artificial lighting, guarantee eye protection against high pressure lamps, such as lights from HPS, HQI and MH lamps. Also protect against strong LED and COB LED lights.

One of the main problems when growing with sodium vapor lamps is excess light, which in addition to hindering the identification of deficiencies in plants, is extremely harmful to unprotected eyes. Your eyes' vision will resemble natural colors as if you were in white light. Garden HighPro's Optipro glasses are manufactured especially for this purpose.

It has an elastic strap for easy adjustment and to make it easier to rest on your neck without risk of falling.

Specifications :

High quality plastic material
Internal Neoprene lens seal - Prevents side rays from falling into the eyes
Retractable temples
Neoprene auxiliary clip
Fabric case