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Master Plants Cultivation Greenhouse - U 80x80x180 cm

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Product Type: Stove
Tags: estufa , Master Plants
Weight: 8.5 kg
Vendor: Master Plants

To add practicality to the indoor grower, Master Plants presents its Line of Cultivation Tents: MASTER TENTS.
They are tents made of thick, synthetic, reflective and flame-retardant fabric (Mylar 600D PRO), with a light and extremely resistant aluminum alloy structure, PVC connectors for greater agility in assembly and robust zippers.
They are manufactured with top-notch materials, designed exclusively for the Brazilian market, offering the best value for money with the resources most sought after by indoor growers.

Key Features:

- MYLAR 600D PRO: Synthetic reflective fabric, highly resistant, flame retardant.
- Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Structure.
- High-Resistance PVC connectors.
- Robust Zipper with Extra Light Seal.
- Reinforced seams.
- Lower Openings for Passive Ventilation with Screen and adhesive strips to secure the doors.
- Duct and cable passage spaces with double fabric sealing.
- Removable waterproof floor.
- Suspended and lowered upper bars.
- Support Straps.

This is the 80x80x180cm model!

The 80x80x180cm model presents a different configuration on the market due to its height of 1.80m; generally in this area configuration (80x80cm) the tents are 1.60m high.
These extra 20cm in height are crucial, as can be said by gardeners who have had problems with plants that are too tall in the FLOWERING cycle, as older plants tend to be taller and therefore very close to the roof of small tents. This model is recommended for subsistent gardeners, providing up to 100% of their self-support.

Technical specifications:

Fabric Material: Mylar 600D PRO
Structure Material: Reinforced Aluminum Alloy
Connections Material: PVC
Measurements: 80x80x180cm (WxDxH)
Package Measurements: 96x26x13cm
Pack Weight: 8.5Kg

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