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Terra Aquatic Fertilizer - DualPart Coco Bloom 500ml

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2-part, highly concentrated nutrient system for COCONUT fiber.

Uniquely among the leading brands, the DualPart Coco system requires no additives for successful cultivation: we know that most of the nutrients in specific 2-part coconuts require additional reinforcements of Cal/Mag and PK. Not so with DualPart Coco®: two bottles are all you'll need!

DualPart Coco ® is exceptionally rich in calcium and magnesium, but also contains the full range of other elements that a plant needs for vigorous growth, followed by abundant flowering and unparalleled fruiting. This includes the microelements that will give your final product all the aroma and flavor that your plant is capable of developing. As with most of our nutrients, you use DualPart Coco Grow and Bloom throughout your plants' life cycle; simply change the ratio between the two as your plants progress: there is no second set of bottles for this system. *(Of course, different cultures require different supplements, and for advanced cultures, TA guarantees the safest and most efficient supplements on the market.)

Using DualPart Coco can provide numerous benefits for growers. These benefits include rapid, healthy plant growth, prevention of nutritional deficiency symptoms such as leaf marginal necrosis and blossom end rot, and greater resistance to environmental stresses. Furthermore, the use of DualPart Coco is especially recommended for those who grow in coconut fiber substrate due to its calcium retention capacity.

In summary, DualPart Coco from Terra Aquatica is an advanced and highly efficient nutritional solution for growing in coconut fiber substrate. Its balanced formulation and its ability to provide essential nutrients and chelates guarantee healthy growth, high productivity and superior crop quality. Growers who choose DualPart Coco can expect consistent results and maximize the potential of their plants.