Vendor: Proactiv

Activated Carbon Filter - 125mm/460m³/h

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Product Type: Charcoal Filter
Tags: Acessórios , filtro de carvão
Weight: 3.9 kg
Vendor: Proactiv

Garden HighPro's PROACTIV activated carbon filters are extremely reliable in removing any unwanted odors in the air.

Lighter and more stable, with an innovative flange and base, PROACTIV can be hung by its ends, making it easier to assemble and use.

Long-lasting active carbon filter made from coconut activated carbon.

Diameter: 125mm
Flow in m³/h: 460 m³/h

Triple layer of activated carbon fabric for optimal filtration

Choice of ventilation direction (can be used as an internal filter to keep odors out or external filter to keep the area from crop diseases, pests and other foreigners).

Unique system interior that helps maintain shape.

Easy to assemble and install, strong and ultra-light;

Compatible with all Air Exhaust models.

Easy to assemble (less than 2 minutes).

12 months of continuous use.

Suggestion: Using only during the flowering period will extend the useful life of the product.