Vendor: Gemmacert

Gemmacert Professional Flower and Oil Analyzer

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Product Type: Data Collector
Tags: Acessórios , Gemmacert , Gemmacert Professional
Weight: 2.5 kg
Vendor: Gemmacert

The Gemmacert Professional is a device that analyzes flowers, oils and trim/biomass providing reliable composition and potency readings, without harming it or altering its effectiveness and commercial value.

GemmaCert takes the guesswork out of the potency of your plants, now you know exactly what you are growing, buying or selling.

This device combines three cutting-edge technologies - spectrometry, image analysis and machine learning - to bring fast, reliable and real-time results.

No special skills or training is required. All you need is the patented GemmaCert device and download the safe, easy-to-use app to benefit from reliable composition and potency readings in moments.

Have full control of the quality and effectiveness of your products, ensuring consistency and safety in each batch. This innovative technology makes it easier than ever to perform in-house testing, allowing you to improve your production and deliver the best to your customers.

A revolutionary solution for associations, cultivation clubs, microcultivators, artisanal producers and home growers, this simplified tool allows you to test like a pro.

Make sure you are consuming a high-quality product or introduce testing to professionalize your production.

Why choose GemmaCert Professional?

-Test samples internally before starting formal analysis.

-Analyze various materials, from dried flower buds to pure extracts, without solvents or ethanol.

-Test cannabis and hemp materials with ease.

-Detect total THC, CBD, CBG and water activity (AW) levels as low as 0.2%.

-Use water quantity analysis to predict mold growth and keep your products safe.

-Produce professional certificates of analysis to demonstrate quality.

-Identify the ideal harvest time to maximize the potential of your grow.

-Increase profit predictability with accurate results.

-Application for Android and IOS

Ensure the quality and consistency of your product, strengthening your patients' trust and loyalty to your cultivation association.

With GemmaCert Professional, you are set up for success and to keep your customers coming back!