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Garden HighPro Humidity and Temperature Monitor - MediPro

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Product Type: Moisture Meter
Tags: Garden HighPro , medidor de temperatura , medidor de umidade
Weight: 0.3 kg
Vendor: Garden Highpro

The MediPro Temperature and Humidity Meter from Garden HighPro is a humidity and ambient temperature controller that indicates the height between the plant canopy (top) and your lamp, helping you reduce the risk of your plants suffering stress caused by proximity to an area that is very hot

It allows maintaining the ideal distance from the lamp throughout the plant's development process and thus improving the distribution and efficiency of light on the growing surface.

Its modular system allows you to adjust the height from 10cm to 50cm. The meter can also be placed inside your healing pot to control the internal humidity during this important process and thus guarantee the quality of your buds.