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Master Plants Led Panel - COB Led UT02

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Product Type: LED
Tags: Master Plants , Painel de LED
Weight: 1.5 kg
Vendor: Master Plants

The COB LED UT02 is the second panel in the Master Plants Standard LED Line for cultivation.

These are panels that use original COBs from the Bridgelux brand and are certified with an IP65 protection index against rain and dust, and can be used indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses, with practicality and safety. They also have the advantages of COB Full Spectrum technology, which guarantees high photon emission and greater harvest yield.

FLIP CHIP PROCESS technology provides these panels with robustness and great stability, making the COB chip resistant to high temperatures and voltages. The chips cover the full spectrum of light with a “Wavelength” of 380nm to 780nm.

RED (630-660nm) : Red Light is essential for flowers and fruits, as well as essential for the period of seed germination, rooting and formation of apical buds.

BLUE (430-460nm) : Blue Light encourages vegetative growth and is essential for seeds and young plants in the first vegetative stage of their growth cycle. Plants that receive plenty of blue light at this stage develop strong with stomata and vigorous roots, in addition to being more productive due to the high rate of photosynthesis.

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