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Master Plants Led Panel - COB Led UT03

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Product Type: LED
Tags: Master Plants , Painel de LED
Weight: 1.5 kg
Vendor: Master Plants



Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation and greenhouses, of vegetables in general, as main lighting or complementing sunlight. Meets all stages of growth in both vegetative and flowering cycles.

The UT03 COB LED Panel uses the technology: FLIP CHIP PROCESS, extremely robust and great stability, makes the COB chip resistant to high temperature and voltage.
With the UT03 COB LED Panel, in a short time you can improve the yield of your plants as well as the growth and quality of your crops.


- The GROW UT03 COB Panel covers the full spectrum of light with "Wavelength" from 380nm to 780nm.

- RED (630-660nm): Red Light is essential for flowers and fruits as well as being essential for the period of seed germination, rooting and formation of apical buds.

- BLUE (430-460nm): Blue light encourages vegetative growth and is essential for seeds and young plants in the first vegetative stage of their growth cycle, plants that receive plenty of blue light at this stage develop strong stomata, and roots vigorous in addition to being more productive due to the high rate of photosynthesis.

- No Fan, No Noise!!!

- Intelligent cooling technology by design and materials. It completely dissipates the heat generated by the LED, due to a special aluminum plate.

- Can be left on 24 hours a day!

- Can be used for both the Flowering and Vegetative stages.

- IP65 100% Waterproof Technology.

- The lenses of the UT03 panels, in addition to projecting the light generated by the original Bridgelux® COB chip, also have a sealing ring that makes the entire panel completely waterproof and dustproof.

- It can be used both for INDOOR cultivation and to supplement sunlight in OUTDOOR or Greenhouse cultivations, helping your plants grow faster and with more vigor. Especially on rainy and cloudy days, don't worry about the damage caused by exposure to the weather on your LED Panel!

Technical specifications:

- Power: 150 Watts
- Voltage: AC 110V or 220V
- Frequency: 50-60Hz
- Waterproof Chip: IP65
- Wavelength: Full Spectrum 380nm~780nm
- RED&BLUE Luminous Flux: 15,000 lm
- LED Angle: 120°
- Weight: 1.5kg
- Dimensions: 270*185*25mm
- Box dimensions: 440*250*50mm

In the box:

- 1 x UT03 COB LED Panel (Grow Panel)
- 1 x Power Cable
- 1 x Steel cable with hooks for hanging.