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Master Plants Led Panel - QB 240W Pro-Master

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Product Type: LED
Tags: Master Plants , Painel de LED
Weight: 4.5 kg
Vendor: Master Plants

The Quantum 240W PRO-MASTER is a different model from the others in the PRO-MASTER line, being an Led Bar model for Master Plants cultivation.

- It is a 240W Quantum Bar, equipped with High-performance PPFD Chips, complemented by Deep Red Chips (660nm) and Brazilian Plug.

- Contain high voltage capacitors, guaranteeing a useful life of LED chips of up to 50,000 hours.

- Bar model, with better light distribution.

- This model from the Quantum Barra PRO-MASTER Line provides excellent PPFD rates in your cultivation.

- IP65 aluminum driver

- This technology also covers a broader spectrum of blue and green light, up to red. Which significantly improves plant immunity against diseases, providing greater nutritional value.

- Spectrum complementation with Deep Red 660nm Osram chips!

- Each unit is suitable for covering an area of ​​100x100cm during the flowering cycle

Technical specifications:

- Model: QB240W PRO-MASTER
- IP level: IP33
- Heatsink: 25mm / Aluminum
- Voltage: 100~277v
- Flux(lm): 38,600
- PPF: 661 μmol/s
- Useful life: 50,000 Hrs
- Operating temperature: -20 – 60 °C
- Certifications: CCC, EMC, LVD, RoHS
- Light Type: LED
- LED Chip: PRO-MASTER chips (768 chips) + Deep RED 660nm (144 chips)
- Driver: LED Driver IP65
- Color temperature: 3800K
- Plate dimensions: 56cm x 32cm x 6cm
- Dimmer: Yes
- Output voltage: 24V
- Warranty: 1 year
- CRI (Ra>): 90
- Power cable: 2m
- Package Dimensions: 10cm x 50cm x 59cm
- Package Weight: 4.5 kg

In Packaging:

- Quantum Board 240W PRO-MASTER
- IP65 LED Driver (Integrated Dimmer)
- Professional hangers
- Hooks for support
- Instruction manual.