Vendor: Master Plants

Master Plants Led Panel - QB 35W Pro-Master

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Product Type: LED
Tags: Master Plants , Painel de LED
Weight: 1.0 kg
Vendor: Master Plants

The Quantum Board 35W PRO-MASTER is the model that opens the PRO-MASTER Line of LEDs for cultivation from Master Plants:

- It is a 35W Quantum Board, equipped with High-performance PPFD Chips, complemented by Deep Red Chips (660nm) and Brazilian Plug.

- Contain high voltage capacitors, guaranteeing a useful life of LED chips of up to 50,000 hours.

- This model is different from other Quantum Boards from Master Plants, since the chips are more spread over the surface of the board, the model does not require the use of Heatsink.

- IP65 aluminum driver

- This technology also covers a broader spectrum of blue and green light, up to red. Which significantly improves plant immunity against diseases, providing greater nutritional value.

- Spectrum complementation with Deep Red 660nm Osram chips!

- Each unit is suitable for covering an area of ​​40x40cm during the flowering cycle.

Technical specifications:

- IP level: IP65
- Body material: Aluminum
- Voltage: 100~277v
- Flux(lm): 5425
- PPF: 98 μmol/s
- Useful life: 50,000 Hrs
- Operating temperature: -20 – 60 °C
- Certifications: CCC, EMC, LVD, RoHS
- Light Type: LED
- LED Chip: PRO-MASTER chips (64 chips) + Deep RED 660nm (40 chips)
- Driver: LED Driver IP65
- Color temperature: 3500K
- Plate dimensions: 18cm x 18cm
- Dimmer: No
- Output voltage: 24V
- Warranty: 1 year
- CRI (Ra>): 90
- Package Dimensions: 29cm x 29cm x 08cm
- Package Weight: 1 kg

In Packaging:

- Quantum Board 35W PRO-MASTER
- IP65 LED driver
- Professional hangers
- Hooks for support
- Instruction manual.