Vendor: Master Plants

Master Plants Led Panel - QB 630W Pro-Master

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Product Type: led
Tags: Master Plants , Painel de LED
Weight: 12.2 kg
Vendor: Master Plants

The PRO-MASTER Line was developed by Master Plants to bring ACCESSIBILITY to Brazilian growers!

-These are LED equipment manufactured with exclusive components from Master Plants, guaranteeing maximum photon efficiency and extremely high performance in PPFD, in addition to, of course, more than 50,000 hours of useful life!

-All models feature a complement of Deep Red chips at 660nm to increase the metabolism of flowering plants and protected connectors on the board!

-The PRO-MASTER Line has QUANTUM LED models with an extra large 25mm heatsink, protective film directly on the board and Dimmer integrated with the Driver.

-PRO-MASTER is a Line of LEDs with EXCLUSIVE technology from Master Plants!

Technical specifications:

-IP Level: IP65
-Heatsink: 25mm / Aluminum
-Power: 630W
-Voltage: 100~277V
-Flux(lm): 94,500
-PPF: 1853 μmol/s
-Lifespan: 50,000 Hrs
-Operating temperature: -20 C° to 60 C°
-Certifications: CCC, EMC, LVD, RoHS
-Light Type: SMD LED
-LED Chips: PRO-MASTER Chips
-Complementation Chips: Deep RED (660nm) + UV (385nm) + FAR RED (730nm)
-Driver: LED Driver IP65
-Color Temperature: 3500K
-Dimmer: Yes
-Switch for complementary LEDs: Yes
-Plate dimensions: 100cm x 05cm x 100cm
-Output voltage: 54V
-Quantity of LEDs: 1368 chips
-Warranty: 1 year
-CRI (Ra>): 90
-Power Cable: 4m
-Package Dimensions: 117cm x 43cm x 14cm
-Package Weight: 12.2 kg

In Packaging:

- QB 630W UV+IR PRO-MASTER board
- 3x Hanger Sets with Aluminum hooks
- Dimmer
- 4 meter cable sealed and assembled with connectors (BR Plug)
-Instruction manual