Vendor: CVault

CVault Large Airtight Pot 0.7L + 2 Boveda 62% 8g

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Product Type: Airtight Pot
Tags: Pote hermetico
Weight: 0.4 kg
Vendor: CVault

CVAULT Inox airtight pot with Boveda - 0.7L Large

A container from CVault® can work wonders, because thanks to the control of humidity, air and light, the herbs are always in perfect condition.

By placing Boveda® sachets in a patented holder in the lid, excess moisture is removed from the dryer without any drying.

Thanks to this, the herbs are fresh, aromatic and, above all, rich in effective substances and preserve their terpenes.

The products are made of the best food quality stainless steel.

CVault® containers are available in different sizes for small and large quantities of herbs.

Capacity 0.7L

This Cvault comes with 2 sachets of boveda 62% 8G.