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Cooltube Protube 125L Reflector - Garden HighPro

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Product Type: Reflector
Tags: Garden HighPro , iluminação , refletor
Weight: 1.1 kg
Vendor: Garden Highpro

Cooltube Protube Reflector 125L x 62cm - Garden High Pro

Protube reflectors are efficient and versatile: closed configuration with a glass screen, increasing the insulation surface or more closed to concentrate the light isolation in a more specific place

The basic principles of Protube design are logic and simplicity. Used in greenhouses mainly made of glass, but also plastic and even canvas. They are very useful for crops with low light or to improve areas where light does not reach, thus providing light and heat in line with the needs of the most sensitive plants.

By installing a 125mm exhaust fan you eliminate the heat generated by the lamp outside your cabin or grow room. You will be able to reduce the heat generated by up to 40%. With a cooled reflector you can bring the lamp closer to the top of the plants. Great for use alone or connected in series.

Produced in German Aluminum with Reflection greater than 95%. The glass is SCOTT DURAM BOROSILICATE glass of high purity and transparency, which provides better use of the light emitted and greater safety for the grower.

Components detail:

Reflector made of non-flammable plastic.
Closed system for heat reduction.
With glass screen on the front.
Inside the system there is a ceramic piece to fix the lamp.
Waterproof connection box for electrical socket.

Ideal for small greenhouses supporting lamps from 150W to 600W - E40 Nozzle