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24T Seed

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Product Type: Seeds
Tags: 24t , destaque , regular
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Vendor: Comprar Seeds

24T is a cross between SR10 and Gorilla Gloe , well known and present in different countries around the world, Gorilla Glue is a strain that lives up to that expression of “stuck to the couch”.

Even though it is a hybrid , the plant is extremely known for its complete relaxation effects, with some saying that this is a strain that even “relaxes you too much”, in other words, it can get in the way of a day that previously needed to be more productive.

In addition to being known for its effects, Gorilla Glue is also known for the awards it has racked up over the last decade. This strain is the champion of some championships, starting with Cannabis Cup of Los Angeles and Michigan in 2014 and 2015, he also took first place in the 2015 High Time Jamaican World Cup.

The genetics are predominantly indica, with around 63% indica and 37% sativa, which makes its effects balanced most of the time. Its most striking feature is the high concentration of sticky resin in its flowers, which is where it got its name. The strain has significant potency, with THC ranging from 18% to 25%. This makes it a popular choice among experienced cannabis consumers.