The Green Pad CO2 Generator Jr.

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Product Type: CO2
Tags: Acessórios , CO2
Weight: 0.25 kg
Vendor: The Green Pad CO2

Easy CO2 for healthier plants and seedlings for indoor growers

Green Pad CO2 generators are an innovative and very easy way to supplement your indoor growing environments with carbon dioxide.

The CO2 added in cultivation will certainly give you higher yields and healthier plants.

Green Pads look like sheets of paper that are hung above plants or are inserted into a cloning booth. The Green Pad works by absorbing moisture from the garden or cabins to fuel its CO2 generating reaction.

Made from natural chemicals, which when exposed to moisture initiate a slow release of CO2.

No expiration problems, use The Green Pad CO2 generators when your garden needs them.

Keep unused Green Pad CO2 Generators in the original sealed packaging so that they do not lose power and quality.

Only 35%+ moisture is needed to initiate the reaction and release of Green Pad CO2.

By lightly misting the Green Pads, you can increase this activation to suit your garden's needs.


To increase your CO2 PPMs, follow the instructions and hang 1 Green Pad above your plants.

Green Pad is activated by humidity (35%) and/or lightly sprayed with water.

Add new units every 10-12 days and discard after 3+ weeks.

Adding more Green Pads will increase your amount of PPM in the grow, the more units, the greater the final yield of the crop.


Green Pad Small cloning trays and greenhouses up to 40x40;

Use as a backup even if you already use CO2 tanks

Don't get into a situation where you run out of CO2.
Pack of 10 Pads