The Green Pad Generator

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Product Type: CO2
Tags: Acessórios , CO2
Weight: 0.3 kg
Vendor: The Green Pad CO2

The GREEN PAD is an innovative product designed to increase carbon dioxide levels in your indoor garden and propagation domes by absorbing moisture from your garden to fuel its CO2 generating reactions. Using a unique natural combination of carbons and acids that react to moisture to initiate a measured release of CO2.

Sheet/pad type material laminated with layers of natural carbons and acids that hangs inside your grow room, tent or garden.

Absorbs ambient humidity (35% +)

Less yellowing of leaves.

Activated by moisture.

Accelerates plant development.


Each bag covers an area of ​​5m³/200ft


5 CO2 generating bags/ Green pad

2 hangers

How to use:

Change the CO2 generating bag every 2 weeks.