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Garden HighPro Analog Timer - TemPro

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Product Type: Timer
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Vendor: Garden Highpro

Garden Highpro Analog Timer - Tempro

Your ultimate solution for time management in indoor and outdoor growing. Designed to offer precise, automated control, this timer is the key to optimizing the efficiency and results of your grow.

Technical specifications

Working Voltage: 220v, suitable for high capacity systems.
Maximum Load (Resistive): 10A/2500W, ideal for supporting powerful cultivation equipment.
Maximum Load (Inductive): 5A / 1100W, perfect for lighting and ventilation systems.
Minimum Time: 30 minutes, allowing flexible and precise schedules for your needs.
Operation: Automatic or Manual, offering total versatility in controlling your growing environment.

Benefits of Using the Tempro Garden Highpro Timer

The Analog Timer brings efficiency and reliability to your cultivation. With it, you can:

Automate your Cultivation: Program light, irrigation and ventilation cycles for automatic operation, freeing up more time for other activities.

Maximize Productivity: Precise control of the growing environment, ensuring optimal plant development and maximizing yield.

Reduce Energy Consumption: Intelligent schedules help save energy, reducing operating costs.

Ease of Use: Its intuitive design and manual operation mode offer hassle-free ease of use.

As Garden Highpro Analog Timer - Tempro , you have total control over your cultivation environment, ensuring the success and efficiency of your gardening project. Don't leave what you can precisely control to chance. Invest in the Tempro Garden Highpro Timer and watch your cultivation prosper.