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HighPro Garden Felt Vase - ProPot 1.5 Liter

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Product Type: Vase
Tags: Garden HighPro , vaso , vaso de tecido
Weight: 0.2 kg
Vendor: Garden Highpro

The HighPro Garden Felt Pot - ProPot 1.5 Liter 10x10x21cm is what you need for your roots to develop in the best way possible.
Furthermore, pots made of felt help with drainage and aeration of the substrate, as they allow air to pass through the sides of the pot.
This exchange of air between the substrate and the environment also helps with root development and oxygen absorption.
Furthermore, with the square format you will optimize your grow space!

Propots are textile pots for growing all types of flowers, plants or shrubs anywhere (balcony, backyard, greenhouse, etc.).
Are they made from polyethylene terephthalate? PET.
Fabric density 260 gr / m2

They are very light pots that improve the aeration of plant roots, providing better root development and greater growth and productivity.

In conventional containers, when the lateral roots of a plant reach the sides of the pot, they change direction and begin to circle, sometimes causing tangling, limiting its ability to take in water and nutrients. The fibrous construction of Propot encourages roots that reach the pot wall to continue forward and begin to grow through the fabric that forms the pot wall. Once the root tip reaches the air, it stops growing and encourages the plant to produce two new roots. This considerably increases the root mass inside the pot, providing superior results in flower and fruit productivity.

- Made from recycled PET.
- Allows the roots to be fibrous and not grow in a circle.
- This material allows the roots to breathe and have more oxygen, essential for optimal growth.
- Very efficient for hydroponic systems.
- Ideal for indoors and excellent for outdoors, giving very good results, as they do not heat up as much as plastic and provide the roots with a more favorable temperature for their development.
- You can wash as many times as you want and reuse.
- Their light weight makes them ideal and very comfortable to transport.
- They are very practical and durable.