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Clip Garden HighPro Fan - ProFan 20 - 12W

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Product Type: Fan
SKU: 0287
Tags: Acessórios , Garden HighPro , ventilação
Weight: 1.0 kg
Vendor: Garden Highpro

The HighPro Clip Garden Fan - ProFan 20 - 12W is an essential element for any Indoor Cultivation that seeks effective and efficient air circulation. This compact fan, with a diameter of 20 cm, is designed to optimize ventilation in small spaces, promoting a healthy growing environment for your plants.

Its direct magnetic drive motor is a centerpiece of this innovative design, plus its extremely quiet operation is ideal for maintaining a growing environment. silent, which is beneficial for both grower concentration and minimal plant stress.

The air flow provided by this fan, 325 m³/h, is perfect for effectively cooling your plants without overloading them. The additional fixing system, which fits pipes up to 3cm in diameter, allows for versatile and firm installation, ensuring the fan stays in place even under heavy use.


Brand: Garden HighPro
Diameter: 20 cm
Power: 12W
Voltage/Frequency: 110V - 220V / 50/60Hz
Speed: 1,800 T/min
Air Flow: 325 m³/h
Motor: direct drive magnetic motor
Additional Fixing System: Adaptable to tubes up to 3 cm in diameter