Bubblegum Automática: A Combinação Perfeita de Sabor, Potência e Rapidez

Automatic Bubblegum: The Perfect Combination of Flavor, Power and Speed

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Bubblegum Automatic is a cannabis strain that combines striking characteristics, from its sweet and fruity flavor to its stimulating and relaxing effects. With balanced genetics and a fast harvest, this hybrid strain is perfect for both novice growers and those looking for big yields. In this article, we will explore the main characteristics of this enchanting strain, from its stunning appearance to its therapeutic potential and its impact on mood and creativity.

Description of Main Features

Automatic Bubblegum is known for its fierce fruitiness and sweet red berry flavor, reminiscent of delicious gum that leaves a mouth-watering smoothie taste. Its buds are large, dense and covered in crystals, providing an impressive visual experience. With a growing time of around 9 weeks and a height of 80 to 130 cm, this plant offers a perfect combination of yield and speed, making it ideal for growers who want to harvest a generous amount of high-quality flowers in a short time.

THC, CBD and Yield Content

Automatic Bubblegum has a THC content that can reach up to 20%, providing a powerful and stimulating effect. On the other hand, its CBD content is low, staying below 1%. As far as yield is concerned, in indoor growing conditions, it is possible to obtain an average of 450 to 550 grams per square meter, while in outdoor growing, it is possible to harvest 50 to 150 grams per plant. These numbers reflect this strain's ability to produce abundant, high-quality flowers.

Sativa/Indica and Effects

With balanced genetics of 15% Sativa and 85% Indica, Bubblegum Automatic offers a unique combination of effects. Its effect is known to provide mental clarity, creativity and motivation, making it perfect for social activities, enjoying nature and staying energized during the day. Furthermore, it can also awaken feelings of happiness, relaxation and even hunger, making it a versatile option for different moments and needs.

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Cultivation and Resistance Advice

Automatic Bubblegum is a vigorous plant that can reach considerable height. Therefore, it is recommended for growers who have adequate space for its development. It produces an abundance of small leaves covered in resin, making it an excellent choice for hash producers. Furthermore, this strain is known for its resistance to different climates and its ability to withstand long periods of drought and adverse weather conditions. It is a safe choice for novice growers as it requires high doses of nutrients without showing deficiencies.

Flavor and Aroma

The flavor of Automatic Bubblegum is incredibly fruity and intense, reminiscent of an earthy and extremely sweet strawberry smoothie. Each sip offers a delicious combination of sweet cherries, fresh strawberries and tutti-frutti bonbon, with a smooth, earthy aftertaste. The sweet floral aroma of this strain is simply wonderful and transports growers to a fragrant strawberry field.

Bubblegum Automatic is an old-school gem that strikes the perfect balance between Indica and Sativa, combining abundant yield, delicious flavor and potent effects. With its balanced genetics, this strain is capable of satisfying both novice and experienced growers, offering impressive buds in a short period of time. Its fruity flavor and ability to stimulate creativity and good mood make it a popular choice among cannabis lovers. If you are looking for a versatile strain, Bubblegum Automatic is certainly an excellent option to consider. Try it and let yourself be enchanted by this unique combination of flavors and powerful effects!

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