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Colombinha: Brazil's Sweetheart on the Cannabis Scene

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In the cannabis scene in Brazil, a strain gained notoriety and won the hearts of many enthusiasts. We're talking about "Colombinha," a cannabis variety that has become the country's favorite due to its unique characteristics and the exceptional effects it offers. In this article, we will explore what makes Colombinha so special and why it has become a phenomenon in the Brazilian cannabis community.

The Colombinha: An Introduction

Colombinha, also known as "Colombian Gold," is a strain of cannabis originating from South America, more specifically Colombia. It is a sativa strain, which means it has distinct characteristics in terms of its growth and effects.

Characteristics of Colombinha

  1. Aroma and Flavor: Colombinha is known for its earthy aroma and mild flavor, often with citrus and floral notes. Its unique aroma and flavor make it a popular choice among cannabis connoisseurs.

  2. Effects: One of the reasons why Colombinha stood out is due to its invigorating and euphoric effects. It is known for providing a feeling of happiness and energy, which makes it ideal for use during the day.

  3. Cultivation: Although it originates from regions with tropical climates, Colombinha can be successfully cultivated in controlled indoor conditions or in greenhouses. She generally has a slightly longer flowering period than some other varieties, but the end result is worth the additional growing time.

The Popularity of Colombinha in Brazil

Colombinha has quickly earned a special place in the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts in Brazil for several reasons:

  1. Energetic Effects: In a country known for its hot climate and busy lifestyle, the energetic effects of Colombinha are highly valued. Many Brazilians enjoy this strain for its ability to provide a boost of energy and improve mood.

  2. Successful Growth: Colombinha has proven suitable for cultivation in several regions of Brazil, making it a popular choice for those wishing to grow their own cannabis.

  3. Unique Flavor and Aroma: Its unique flavor and aroma profile pleases the palates of Brazilian consumers.

  4. Tradition and History: Colombian Gold has a long tradition in the cannabis scene and a rich history, which makes it even more intriguing for enthusiasts.


Colombinha, or Colombian Gold, is truly the darling of the cannabis community in Brazil, thanks to its energetic effects, unique flavor and ability to adapt to cultivation in different regions of the country. It represents not only a strain of cannabis, but also a connection to the tradition and history of cannabis in South America. However, it is important to remember that legislation related to cannabis varies from state to state in Brazil, and cultivation and consumption must be carried out in accordance with local laws. With its distinctive profile and growing popularity, Colombinha continues to be a standout on the Brazilian cannabis scene and a favorite choice for many connoisseurs of the plant.

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