Ice-O-Lator: From Pruning to Perfect Healing

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The extraction technique known as Ice-O-Lator is one of the preferred methods for obtaining high-quality cannabis resin. Through the use of ice-cold water and different filtration meshes, producers can efficiently separate trichomes rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. This comprehensive guide will explore how Ice-O-Lator is produced, from pruning, ice machine, different micron sizes to curing.

Pruning and Material Collection:
It all starts with carefully pruning cannabis plants to collect the most trichome-rich parts. Flowers, handle leaves and even small stems are separated and often flash frozen to preserve the integrity of the trichomes.

Use of the Ice Machine:
The frozen material is then placed into an extraction machine or a manual extraction bag system, both containing ice-cold water and ice. This cold environment helps solidify the trichomes, making them easier to separate from the plant material.

Different Micron Size Types:
A crucial step in the production of Ice-O-Lator is the use of bags with different micron sizes. These bags filter the trichomes by size, capturing different qualities of the resin. Typically, higher micron mesh sizes capture lower quality material, while lower micron mesh sizes isolate the purest and most powerful resin.

Drying Process:
After filtering, the resin is carefully collected and spread out to dry in a controlled environment. Drying must occur slowly and with caution to avoid the loss of terpenes and the development of mold.

After complete drying, the curing stage takes place. Similar to curing cannabis flowers, the resin is stored in such a way that its characteristics intensify, resulting in a final product that offers superior flavor, aroma and effects.

Ice-O-Lator production, when done with attention and care, results in one of the cleanest and most potent types of cannabis extract available. The detailed technique involves knowledge about the plants, precision in handling and patience in curing to guarantee an excellent final product.

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